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602Fashionweek is an exceptional fashion show establishment that brings together the most creative and highly inspiring fashion designers, talented artists, and stunning models from Arizona and beyond. Since launching, 602Fashionweek has produced beautiful engaging experiences for the public through collaboration and artistry in the Phoenix area. 



602FashionWeek was founded by Gina and Angelo Alexander, brother and sister that both made their mark in the fashion industry. Under the helm of our expert CEO Gina, 602Fashionweek has been running magnificently since its establishment. With Gina’s proficiency and involvement in the fashion and modeling industry, she was able to create 602Fashionweek and advocate for positive change within the industry. Hard work and confidence has always been her slogan, practicing them without stopping has led to her becoming a full time stylist, and a signed professional model. Gina has modeled in New York fashion week, and has worked with popular brands. Thus, her capability and skill has assisted her in entering into the fashion industry as a CEO. Gina’s goal via 602Fashionweek is to help her beautiful home state branch reach its POTENTIAL so that it can represent high quality fashion and grow as a fashion community.



At 602Fashionweek, we not only organize fashion shows, but strive to create a platform for talented individuals to showcase their work, celebrate the art of fashion, and to provide fashion inspiration to the public. To us, fashion is more than just clothing - it’s a form of self-expression. Our mission is to promote and share the beauty of fashion with the world.









Browse our website to know about upcoming casting, approaching fashion shows, exclusive events, as well as elite offers and tickets. If you're looking for a fashion-forward experiance, come join us and be part of the 602Fashionweek journey! 

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